DEM Party delegation continues its talks at the CoE

While the Council officials ignored their responsibilities by saying that "the relevant institution is the CPT", the DEM Party delegation stated that the CoE should adopt a deterrent mission on the isolation of Öcalan.


Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan's lawyer Özgür Faik Erol, Abdullah Öcalan's nephew, DEM Party MP Ömer Öcalan, DEM Party Foreign Relations Commission Co-Spokesperson Berdan Öztürk, MP Sevilay Çelenk and DEM Party Representative to the Council of Europe (CoE) Faik Yağızay continued their talks in Strasbourg.


Lawyer Özgür Faik Erol and MP Ömer Öcalan, who met with the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) on Wednesday, met with Günter Schirmer, Human Rights and Legal Affairs Officer of the CoE Parliamentary Assembly.

During the meeting where concerns and worries about the health and safety of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan were expressed, Abdullah Öcalan’s incommunicado with the outside world for 3 years was discussed.

It was pointed out that the Turkish state is not implementing the decisions of the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights and that the Council should adopt a deterrent mission at this point.

Stating that their concerns about Abdullah Öcalan have not been addressed, the delegation also held meetings with country delegations and parliamentarians of different groups during the day.

On the other hand, DEM Party Foreign Affairs Committee Co-Spokesperson Berdan Öztürk, MP Sevilay Çelenk and DEM Party Representative to the Council of Europe Faik Yağızay met with Council of Europe Secretary General Marija Pejčinović Burić.

During the meeting, views were exchanged on the AKP government's failure to implement the ECtHR judgements, especially the rulings on Selahattin Demirtaş and Osman Kavala, the local election results, the frauds during the election process and the general political situation in Turkey.

While the Dem Party delegation informed about the election results of the 31 March Local Elections and the frauds of the AKP-MHP fascist government, the Secretary General expressed their satisfaction with the election results.

The second agenda of the delegation was Turkey's failure to implement the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights. The delegation also stated that Abdullah Öcalan’s "right to hope", which the court granted upon the application of his lawyers, was not implemented. The delegation stated that the lack of news from İmralı for 3 years caused deep concerns in Kurdish society and asked the Council and CPT to do their part.

Marija Pejčinović Burić, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, ignored the Council's responsibilities on the isolation of Öcalan in Imrali, saying that "the relevant institution is the CPT". The Secretary-General merely stated that the Council's resolutions apply to all member states, including Turkey, and that discussions with Turkey on this issue are ongoing.