Danish MP: Öcalan should be free

Danish MP Søren Søndergaard said they think the hunger strikes are important and demanded freedom for Öcalan.

Support for the hunger strike Kurds launched in Danish capital Copenhagen against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan continues to grow.

Enhetslistan (Unity List) MP Søren Søndergaard and Kurdish Forum Representative Kjeld Aakjaer visited the hunger strike tent and commended the hunger strike activists for their conviction, adding that they will be in solidarity.

Søndergaard pointed out that the Turkish state has intensified their attacks to completely eradicate the gains made by the Kurdish people and said they as the Unity List condemn the anti-democratic practices of the Turkish state, and that they demand freedom for Öcalan and an end to the isolation imposed upon him.

Søndergaard said they think the hunger strike Leyla Guven launched in prison and the hunger strikes in Turkey, Kurdistan and Europe that continue to spread are important and added that they will form a committee of MPs to take initiative for a meeting with Guven.

Kurds continue the hunger strike in central Copenhagen to expose the isolation imposed upon Öcalan and the Turkish state’s attacks and massacres, giving speeches and passing flyers.

The crowd frequently chants slogans condemning the Turkish state and demanding that Öcalan be freed.