Construction workers' union: Go to the polls to get rid of the AKP-MHP government

Dev-Yapı-Iş executive Nihat Demir urged all construction workers to go to the polls and cast their votes to get rid of the AKP-MHP government.

Dev-Yapı-Iş executive Nihat Demir stated that they will go to vote on 28 May to defend labor, future and freedom against those who make this life miserable for workers. He said they would vote for Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

Nihat Demir is the director of the Revolutionary Construction and Road Workers Union (Dev-Yapı-İş). Demir said: "We will go to vote on 28 May against those who poison this life, our labor, our freedom, our future, so that our unborn children can be born free and live with better standards in better conditions."

Noting that they have both been working in construction and continuing their union activities for years, Demir said: "There are long hours of work, compulsory shifts. Although we work overtime, we do not receive any overtime pay. We are exposed to a lot of dust. We have many accidents because of this policy of lack of supervision and impunity. Some of us get crippled, some of us die, some of us stay in bed for months. That's why we try to organize as a union wherever we can. We try to be the voice of construction workers."

Demir said: "We are fired from our jobs. We are exposed to racism. They usurp our right to report, they usurp our severance pay. The labour policies of this state go against workers. They brought more unemployment, more unhappiness, more poverty. They darkened our lives."

Vote to change things

Demir stated that the construction workers will go to the polls in the second round of elections to be held on 28 May against the oppression they experience, and said: "My call is to construction workers, laborers, women and young people. Please, go to the polls on 28 May. Let's vote for a dignified life. Let's get rid of these oppressive policies and this fascism. Let's do our best to elect Kılıçdaroğlu."