CDK-S: Hagia Sophia decision is continuation of Lausanne Treaty

Hagia Sophia is ready to reopen as a mosque with a Friday prayer today, Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya has confirmed.

The Swiss Democratic Kurdish Society (CDK-S) had called on everyone to protest the 97th anniversary of the Lausanne Treaty, which resulted in Kurdistan being divided into 4 parts.

The statement said that there will be protests in front of the building where the treaty was signed on 24 July 1923.

The CDK-S also drew attention to the fact that the AKP government the massacre and persecution of Kurds in the 21st century. The AKP, said the CDK-S, “is using religion and dirty policies as a continuation of the Lausanne Treaty today, 24 July, with the decision on Hagia Sophia. It’s no coincidence that the government has chosen this date, the 97th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne.”