Buldan: We will not give up, we will not be defeated, we will win!

Pervin Buldan, the co-chair of HDP, stated during her party's Women's Assembly gathering in Ankara that her party aspires to govern the country, that they will never be defeated, and that they will prevail.

The Women's Assembly of the People's Democratic Party (HDP) met to plan for the future time.

Women from HDP gathered under the chairmanship of Co-chair Pervin Buldan. “You should be aware that our goal is far greater,” Buldan said in a statement issued before the meeting.


Buldan continued: “As women, we want to govern the country from now on. We have adequate strength for this, as well as forethought and organization. Sure, the current monist patriarchal power is aware of our significant growth, and as a result, it is in a conflict with society as a whole, but it is also engaged in a fight against us women. All the oppression against women, including detentions, arrests, trustees, and termination of the Istanbul Convention, is carried out, for this reason, setting the path for violence against women. They calculate that they will maintain their male rule by blocking women. But all they have to face is disappointment.”


Buldan stated that women emerged stronger from repressive policies, saying, "We will not leave any women's gain to their mercy, and under no circumstances will we back down from our struggle."

"Again, for this reason, they filed a closure case against HDP in order to abolish women's politics and the ability for all oppressed people to participate in politics," Buldan explained.

“Their goal is to silence women and oppressed people, and to impede calls for democracy, peace, and justice. Since its inception, HDP has pursued a policy of solution and peace. HDP fought for equality, proclaiming, ‘Let there be peace in this land, let no child die, let them live.’ HDP stated that the rule of law should be the rule of law, not the law of the superiors, and that true justice should be available to all members of society. HDP advocated for equal compensation for equal effort. According to HDP, there is work for everyone and food for everyone. HDP sought peace over war, a solution over chaos, and a fair division of people's well-being over rent. HDP advocated gender equality in the face of all types of crimes against women and children, proposed preventive and protective measures, and stated, 'We are not abandoning the Istanbul contract.' We will continue to say all of this.”


Buldan said, "They will not be able to turn off this light," and noted that what should be ceased in this country is "theft, rent and plunder".

The HDP co-chair continued, "It is the monist patriarchal order that has perpetrated violence against women to gigantic dimensions in this country, it is polarization, an understanding that fosters bigotry and hatred. Look, those who proposed the 10% election threshold in order to keep us from breaking it were disappointed to see how women shattered it. The threshold could not stop women, but it has now become an impediment to them and their patriarchal authority. They are currently preparing to lower the threshold in order to save themselves.”


Emphasizing that the government did not reduce inflation, interest, dollar, unemployment and pandemic cases, Buldan said:

"They now go out and tell the people who are struggling to earn a life, 'Well, we're lowering the election threshold.' As you are aware, the government provides numerous tax breaks to its own holdings and the Gang of Five. They are trying to smooth the way for their partner by lowering the electoral threshold. That is the entire point. Of course, all impediments to democratic representation should be abolished, particularly the electoral threshold. All illegality that impedes democratic politics must be eradicated. Extortion by trustees must stop. The elected's illegality must end. The people's will must be adequately reflected in parliament. Our stance is in this direction. But everyone knows only too well that the government's and its partner's goal is never democracy, nor justice in representation. Their main concern is their own seats. They are trying to maintain their plundering order.”


They are, however, flogging a dead horse. We, the women, say it once more. Even if you breach the election threshold, modify the election laws, or employ a variety of other deceptions, your power will be turned upside down. Your political collapse will gain momentum. They subjected the population to poverty, hardship, and unemployment during their 20-year reign. They shattered social life by imposing hikes, taxes, injustices, and bans. They divided society via polarization and hate politics. They stole the youth's future. They left no one who has hope for the future. They even stole their people's hope. All they do is distort and reject the truth. According to one of their supporters, there is no hunger in this country. They are calculating if a bite from the exquisite meal of the palace will fall to them by backing the government's politics of denial.


They shamelessly claim that there is no hunger in this impoverished atmosphere, while even basic foods, including infant food, are not accessible. Go and take a seat at the people's table. Check to see whether there are any bites of food, servings that need to be reduced, or if there is any hunger. Take a peek at the desperate folks gathering food from the local marketplaces. Is there or isn't there hunger and poverty in this country? Not only is there hunger and poverty in this country, but it is also spiralling into violence. Women and children, in particular, are subjected to many forms of violence at home, on the street, and in the workplace. The government's policy of impunity has had a significant influence on this. In crimes against women and children, for example, the male judiciary pursues a policy of complete impunity by shielding the male criminal.


The protection of the offender has become a comprehensive regime in the region as a result of the policy of impunity, particularly for crimes against women and children. The protection of the criminals in the disappearance of Gülistan Doku and the murder of İpek Er is applied in crimes perpetrated against all Kurdish women and children. In Kurdish provinces, armoured vehicles have murdered at least 40 people, including 20 children, in the last 13 years. Miraç Mirolu was slain by an armoured truck last week. The police officer that killed him was released after giving a statement to the police. The mentality that imprisons people who say "children should not die" in this country frees those who murder children. Public authorities who trust in this impunity regime and know that there is a government behind it that protects and watches over them, continue to aim at the right to life.


This government is to blame for every killed woman and child. This is the governmental system. Since the AKP, which claims in election squares that the law is not the law of the superiors, but the rule of law, has made the law only the law of the palace, so injustice in our country has grown and become oppression. Of course, in the face of these injustices, there is a growing battle for justice. The demand of 84 million people is for justice for all. It is a common battleground. We shall continue to fight for justice, especially for women, against every injustice and every unlawfulness. We will not stop or give up until justice is served.


The isolation implemented by the government to sustain this entire repressive regime is aggravated. This country's critical agenda includes the isolation and exacerbating problems in jails. Isolation, which blocks the ways of dialogue and negotiation, is one of the most significant impediments to democracy, justice, social harmony, and common life. The underlying cause of Turkey's failure in all areas is the government's deadlock strategy, which is continuously applied to the country's core and pressing problems. The government’s understanding, which rejects the demand for peace, the demand for rights, the rule of law, and justice, and strives to suppress these demands through force, has brought the country to a halt. This is something that everyone pays for.


Isolation policy is an impediment to life. As a result of this policy, hundreds of sick inmates are left to die in prisons. Our dear friend Aysel Tuğluk is also suffering from incurable cancer in prison and is fighting for her life. I'm addressing the Minister of Justice. Keeping prisoners who do not have access to treatment in jails is a violation of their right to life and an impediment to their right to treatment. It is a felony to leave someone to die on purpose. All sick prisoners, including our friend Aysel Tuğluk, should be released as soon as possible, and treatment should begin right away. This persecution must come to an end.

As HDP, we shall continue to advocate for politics for life. With this determination, we will continue to be our friends' voices and struggle until our ailing friends are released. We shall keep fighting against isolation. We shall break the isolation by insisting on our democratic struggle, never making compromises on our policy of solution and peace, and never relinquishing our fight for equality and justice. And it is in this way that we shall clear the way for the entire society to move forward.


On September 27, our party will issue a declaration outlining its position and answers to Turkey's major crises and pressing issues. Of course, women will be the most powerful owners of this assertion once again. We shall work with tenacity, determination, patience, and love. And we will achieve considerably more than we have thus far, and we will present it to all women in the country and around the world.


At this point, I would like to send the following message to all women resisting the Taliban regime in Afghanistan: We, the women who organize the women's struggle in this country against the cruel darkness you endure, are constantly by your side. Women's solidarity knows no boundaries, location, or nation. We share the same concern and outrage over all forms of violence and exploitation against women in our country, in Rojava, Shengal, Iran, Afghanistan, and everywhere else in the world. Salute once more to all women, particularly those from Afghanistan, who are fighting in this war. We may suffer, we can pay the price, and we can get fatigued. We, on the other hand, will never give up. We shall never give up. With the help of women, we will bring about change. We will triumph. Women will triumph.”