Buldan: Opposition should condemn the policy of isolation and war

HDP co-chair Pervin Buldan said: "The opposition should condemn the policy of isolation and war. Not opposing the war policy will inevitably favor the government."

The co-chair of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), Pervin Buldan, addressed the opposition in Turkey at the weekly HDP parliamentary group meeting and called for the fight against war and isolation implemented in the prison of Imrali to increase. "This is the only way democratization is possible," she said, announcing more rallies for the election campaign.

AKP-MHP government tries to intervene in the election process via the constitutional court

Last week, Turkey's constitutional court refused to suspend the proceedings to ban the HDP until after the elections. Buldan said: "We are well aware that the Constitutional Court made this decision under pressure from the Palace. The AKP-MHP alliance is preparing to intervene politically in the electoral process via the constitutional court. It is clinging to the closure procedure as if it had found a treasure."

Buldan added that "those who are counting on an electoral process without the HDP should know that their hopes will be waste," and predicted defeat for the regime.

"War is being prepared"

Buldan warned that one important pillar of the AKP-MHP alliance's election campaign is war policy and continued: "It is no longer a secret that the government is preparing to launch a new operation in Syria after the election day will be announced in early March. Because this government has no promises to make to people. It has no solutions to people's problems. They want to cover up the hunger and poverty with  which they invade society with war policies. All of the public and the opposition must become aware of this fact.”

Isolation is at the heart of the problem

The war policy and the question of democracy is also the reason why the HDP repeatedly refers to the policy of isolation, said Buldan and added: "We see that a system of lawlessness has been created against Mr. Öcalan on Imrali and that this system has spread across the country. It's not just about Imrali, it's about the whole country, about all the peoples of the country. Law and constitution are suspended in Ankara. Imrali is the zero point of the law.

Last week, 35 lawyers, activists and politicians from seven countries came to Turkey. They were members of the International Delegation against Isolation. After meeting with dozens of institutions, families, parties and organizations in Amed (tr. Diyarbakır), Ankara and Istanbul, they issued a press statement calling for an end to isolation on Imrali. The whole world has seen that isolation is a crime. Those who are involved in politics in Turkey must also see it and oppose it."

"Formation of large anti-war alliance only way out"

Buldan stressed that the formation of the "largest anti-war alliance" is the only way to stop the war policy of the AKP-MHP regime. She said: "Not opposing the policy of war will inevitably favor the government. You cannot steer this country towards a democratic future by plastering over and painting over the cracks in the system of rejection and denial."