Boğaziçi University student Sert: I am not upset, I am angry!

Boğaziçi University student Gizem Sert, who was released on condition of judicial control, stated that they faced unfounded accusations and reacted to the arrest of two other students saying, "I am not upset, I am angry."

Five of seven Boğaziçi University students who were taken into custody after the complaint by trustee Rector Naci Inci, and after President Erdoğan targeted students, labelling as "terrorists", were released on condition of judicial control, while 2 were sent to prison. The students from Boğaziçi, who were deeply saddened by the arrest of their friends, once again emphasized that the detentions could not intimidate them. The students made a press statement in front of the courthouse after they were released. Gizem Sert, one of the students, spoke to ANF.

‘They prepared a list of names’

Stating that they were beaten and detained in front of the South Campus, which was under a police blockade of the university, Boğaziçi Sociology department student Sert said: “They have already prepared a list of names of students who will be detained. Following the scuffles the day before the protest, the school security wrote a report and randomly put down names of people who were not even in the crowd. The next day, 4 of our friends were taken into custody. To protest this arbitrary practice, we marched to the South Gate of the campus and held a sit-in there. When a friend of ours who went out of the campus was detained, we went outside and a few people, including myself, were beaten and detained.

Stating that they were subjected to both physical and psychological violence in the detention vehicle, Sert said that the police constantly told them things like ‘you are a provocateur, you are a terrorist’. Stating that they were held in very bad conditions in the detention center in Vatan Security station, Sert pointed out that a friend who had a period was not even given pads and toilet paper. Stating that they were faced with baseless accusations such as ‘insulting’ and ‘damaging public property’ during the prosecutor's interrogation held at Çağlayan Courthouse the next day, Sert added: "There was no such thing as damaging or insulting public property in the protest. We were asked by the prosecutor about images and photos I was not even in.

Sert, who was released but has to sign to the police station once a week and was banned from traveling abroad, said: "I am not going anywhere, I am here." Emphasizing that they had been under this pressure for 9 months, Sert reminded that the detentions and arrests started again with the appointment of Naci Inci as the trustee rector of the school. “It was Naci Inci who filed a criminal complaint against us. I think it is a terrible thing for the rector of a school to file a criminal complaint against his students with accusations that are unfounded. I don't really understand those who don't get that we are still protesting. What else is expected?”

Sert underlined that he would continue to fight and added that he was not upset but angry at this injustice.