BMG alliance calls for Workers Day Actions

Despite it is very likely that all events will be banned on Workers Day, the BMG alliance mobilizes for decentralized actions. Eight activists were arrested while putting up posters in Ankara.

The BMG (United Resistance Forces) alliance called for workers to take to the streets in Turkey on May Day under the slogan ‘For our work and our freedom: Everywhere is 1 May, everywhere is resistance’. The BMG mobilized primarily through posters and social media. Eight BMG members were arrested while putting up posters in Ankara. The police used violence during the arrests.

The eight people who were taken to the Tuzluçayır Police Station are Zarife Çamala, Hacer Atahan, Enes Said Şahin, Selim Doğan Koç, Deniz Akbıyuk, Dilan Mollaahmetoğlu, Barış Ceyhan and Berhat Uzunay.

In the appeal of the alliance, which was founded in Istanbul in February, and includes the Party of Democratic Regions (DBP), Revolutionary Party (DP), Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP), Platform United Forces (MBP), Federation of Socialist Councils (SMF) and Partizan, said that “this year’s First May will take place in a political atmosphere dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, hunger, poverty, exploitation, war and fascist siege”.

Because it is already foreseeable that all events on First May will be banned “by the fascist rulers under the pretext of the pandemic”, workers' struggle day is to be celebrated “in all areas of production and life”. The BMG called on the working class and all the oppressed to take to the streets on Workers Day and “raise the flag of socialism against capitalism, exploitation, fascism and all forms of reaction and inequality.”