Blood spilled again in Iran

The people rose up when Iran attempted to split the county of Kazerun in the province of Fars. 6 people were killed when Iranian security forces opened fire, and a further 40 were wounded.

Iran attempted to change the administrative status of Fars and split the province into two sub-states of Eastern and Western Fars. When the province was split in two, the new border passed through Kazerun, splitting the city in two as Qaimiye in Eastern Fars and Kochinar in Western Fars.

The citizens of Kazerun took to the streets against the fracturing of their city without their consent and set up fires in protest. Iranian security forces opened fire on the protesters, and as a result citizens Perestu and Riza Cewkar from the same family, Mecid Siruz, Behmen Ahmedi, Ali Muhammedi and Hemid Biyun lost their lives, while a further 40 people were wounded.


According to local sources, the events started by the evening yesterday and continue still. Sources say the people believe that the city’s MP Hüseyin Rizazade has been working for two years to fracture their city.