Bilgen: The results will be determined by the people, not Erdogan

HDP Group Deputy Chairperson Ayhan Bilgen said the people will determine the outcome despite Erdogan’s threats against their party. Bilgen stressed that, “The opposition will win if they develop strategies to alleviate the weariness of society.”

As the local election campaigns start, the AKP government has announced with their discourse and their actions that they have kicked off the election campaign against the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP).

AKP Leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said if the HDP candidates win their municipalities, new trustees will be appointed in their stead. Political genocide operations were launched in Amed and various other provinces.

The government continues to target the HDP through warnings issued to the Supreme Board of Elections and the most recent removal of village heads from office.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Group Deputy Chairperson Ayhan Bilgen spoke to the ANF and stated that the anti-democratic practices the government imposes in every election will continue in the local elections as well.


Bilgen said the government knows they would lose if the elections were held under normal conditions: “The reflections of the economic crisis created by the government and their mistakes in both foreign and domestic policy are making it harder for them to remain in government. Thus, they tend to favor tensions that would cover up the economic crisis, to deepen polarizing politics, and to fortify their base with new targets. They feel the need to harbor animosity and othering politics. That is why they are trying to paint the HDP as not a legal party utilizing a democratic right but as a party outside of politics.”


Bilgen stressed that despite all the practices of the government, the outcome of the elections will be determined by the peoples and that the imposed policies put important responsibilities on the opposition’s shoulders.

Bilgen said: “The government’s plans won’t be the only thing determining the outcome of the local elections. What will have effect is how strong the strategies the opposition can develop to achieve results. If the opposition bows down to fear, if it surrenders to the system, of course there won’t be any chance to build an alternative. But if the opposite can be achieved, if the opposition develops new strategies to remove the weariness of the people and build new, alternative hopes, an atmosphere where the government and the system they created can be discussed again can be created with the local elections.”


Bilgen said the AKP launched local election efforts long ago and added that their efforts are focused on slandering the HDP as a whole. HDP Deputy Group Chairperson Ayhan Bilgen said Erdogan’s threats against the HDP is an attempt to design the HDP and its constituents. Bilgen stressed that against this, Kurds need to act together and show their conviction that they can govern themselves.