Belgian court: PKK is not a terrorist organisation

A Belgian court has finalised the case against 36 people who include prominent Kurdish politicians like Remzi Kartal, Zübeyir Aydar and Adem Uzun, and concluded that “PKK is not a terrorist organisation”.

The case opened against 36 people who include prominent Kurdish politicians like KONGRA-GEL Co-chair Remzi Kartal, Zübeyir Aydar and Adem Uzun in 2006, has been finalised after 11 years.

The objection hearing demanded by the Turkish state and Belgium Attorney’s Office against court verdict that “PKK’s activities cannot be viewed as terror” during last year’s hearing on November 3, has been held on Thursday.

After viewing the objection, Belgian court ruled that PKK cannot be prosecuted based on antiterrorism laws in Belgium, stating: “PKK is not a terrorist organisation but a party in a non-international armed conflict”.


Speaking to ANF about the court ruling, Kurdish politician Zübeyir Aydar said: “It is important that the court ruling is in our favor, and this occurring in the capital of Europe has a different importance. During the previous hearing, it was discussed for the first time if this is a war or terror. The court ruled in our favour for the first time on November 3, describing the PKK as not a terrorist organisation but a party of the war. The Attorney’s Office filed an objection and we made our defence. Now, the superior court has rejected their appeal and made a just decision.”

Aydar continued: “For years, Kurdistan freedom struggle is unfairly being accused of terror, which bases on interests between the governments and politicians. This is the first time that we attain a fair ruling which will also have an effect upon the undergoing case at the European Court of Justice, as well as other courts in Europe. This court decision has even broken the European list of “terrorist organisations” which is not valid anymore. We will take this to the European Court of Justice. On the other hand, this case is a response to the Turkish state and the massacres it committed in Kurdistan. We will continue with our diplomatic, political and legal efforts in this regard. Kurdistan Freedom Movement will get the respect it deserves around the world.”

Aydar added that today’s was an objection hearing, which means the last objection hearing and this file has been closed.