BDP applied to ICC to investigate on Roboski massacre - NEW

BDP applied to ICC to investigate on Roboski massacre - NEW

At a press conference in the Parliament, Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) group chairman Hasip Kaplan explained the details of their appeal to International Criminal Court for the investigation on Roboski massacre. Remarking that the application to ICC was signed by BDP Co-Chairs Gültan Kýþanak and Selahattin Demirtaþ, Kaplan noted that the Roboski massacre wouldn’t be left in the dark.

The appeal, in connection with the “confidentiality decision” of Roboski case, voiced concerns about the concealing of the event just like earlier massacres which have been covered up so far, remarked Group Chair Kaplan.

Kaplan expressed their concerns about the current situation in Turkey which was the most convicted country by the ECHR and fell to the 148th rank in the list of freedom of expression in 2011. BDP Group Chair also criticized Prime Minister’s attitude to press members and remarked that the PM should speak on the basis of judiciary’s decisions, not records of the police organization.

Asked why BDP didn’t wait for the result of the legal process on the massacre, Kaplan said the followings; “We will apply to all ways in all areas regarding crimes against humanity because the Prime Minister is trying to cover up such a deep trouble and the prosecutor writes down the report at random and rules confidentiality on the case. The crimes against humanity concern everyone, not only nations themselves.”

The application by BDP requested an investigation into the massacre by ICC prosecutors and said that; “The mechanism of the Turkish state not only ignores and denies the reality of the Kurdish people in Turkey but also continuously violates the most basic human rights in terms of the recognition of the Kurdish identity and fulfillment of Kurdish people’s social, economic and cultural rights.”

Putting emphasis on the possibility of nonperformance of a real judgment by the government, the application remarked that the government prevented the revelation of the event by concealing necessary information and documents from legal authorities. The application in this respect pointed to the statements of government officials who deny any intentional act by security forces and promise investigation in case of the discovery of negligence.

Commenting the confidentiality verdict of Diyarbakýr Public Prosecution Office as the evidence of a nontransparent investigation, the application requested ICC to urge Turkish and Iraqi states to conduct an expansive investigation into the massacre.

Underlining that the operation in the village of Roboski was carried out in opposition to international agreements and conventions on human rights, Geneva conventions and humanitarian law norms that Turkey also accedes to, the application remarked that the perpetrators of this massacre could only be revealed by means of international judgment mechanisms.

The application also consisted of statements made by PM Erdoðan and TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) after Roboski massacre and provided information about earlier committed massacres in the villages of Pýnarcýk, Silopi Derebaþý, Kuþkonar, Koçaðalý and Peyanis.