Bayık: Kurds should unite against alliances of the enemies

The Kurds should achieve national unity at a time when enemies of Kurdish people form alliances, KCK’s Executive Council Co-president Cemil Bayık said.

In a message he sent to the 17th congress of Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) in the Hague, Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-president Cemil Bayık underlined the importance of KNK’s role on Kurdish national unity and National Conference that will bring all Kurdish parties together.

“We can only be free if we unite” he underlined.

Calling Kurds the “most dynamic society in the Middle East”, Bayık said that Kurds became the driving force of democratic reformation of the region.


“Without a doubt, the position of Kurdish people and Kurdistan at the centre of a great war provides a lot of opportunities for freedom of our people but also poses big dangers. (…) Kurds have undertaken new roles and responsibilities in the struggle against ISIS and this way they have become the rising power of the region. At this point the Kurdish struggle is not only about the Kurds. From now on Kurds are the leading force of independence, democracy and freedom, thus the leading force of the Middle East Revolution. Neither war nor peace is possible without the Kurds in the Middle East today.” Bayık said.

KCK’s Bayık pointed out the alliances formed by Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria and continued; “We can’t allow this and we have to develop an organized struggle against this on every level because these alliances are the greatest threats to political gains of the Kurdish people and democratization of the Middle East.”

Bayık correlated the national unity of the Kurds and the freedom and democratization of the Middle East and said: “If we can achieve national unity and organize a national congress and if we can form democratic alliances and unions in the Middle East, our people will become free and democracy will come to our region. But if our politics remains local limited to Kurdistan then the threats against us will be greater.”


Bayık criticized the timing of the referendum and said that it created a very risky situation for the Kurdish people.

“We will not take sides with the Southern (Kurdistan) government or Iraq that follow nationalist or sectarian policies. We won’t be a part of this conflict because there are two wrong policies. We cannot prefer one wrong over the other. We will continue to follow our independent, democratic and libertarian course and base on an approach to keep our people away from this conflict. We will try to solve all ethnic, religious, sectarian or cultural problems in context of democratic autonomy and by forming federations and confederations and eventually building a democratic society” he said.

Executive Council Co-president defined KNK’s role in this process as vital and remarked that all Political, social, ethnic, religious and sectarian segments of the society should be included in the efforts for national unity that should base on uniting around some shared principles and values.