Bayık: Erdoğan ordered the massacre, Hakan Fidan executed

KCK Executive Council Co-chair Cemil Bayık stated that the Paris massacre had been ordered by Erdoğan and executed by Fidan.

KCK Executive Council Co-chair Cemil Bayık spoke about the Martyr Sakine Cansiz Revolutionary Revenge Operation to the Rojeva Welat program on Stêrk TV. Bayık stated that the Paris massacre had been ordered by Erdoğan and the organization for it had been done by Hakan Fidan and added: “With the Martyr Sakine Cansiz Revolutionary Revenge Operation HPG carried out against the MİT, many things have come to light.”

“There was an operation against the MİT, and there is a reason why it was called the Martyr Sakine Cansiz Revolutionary Revenge Operation. Because Martyr Sakine Cansiz and other comrades were martyred on Erdoğan’s order. The massacre was done on Erdoğan’s command. Erdoğan gave the order to Hakan Fidan and Hakan Fidan organized for the order, and the massacre was carried out completely by the MİT. This massacre was carried out as meetings with Leader Apo continued.”

“The Paris massacre was ordered by Erdoğan personally, and Hakan Fidan carried out this order with the MİT. Sakine Cansiz was among the founders of the PKK. She has a historic place in the Amed dungeon resistance. She was there during the first congress. They thought if Sakine Cansiz was killed in this process, they could break Leader Apo’s will, impose their policies and thus achieve their goals. They both committed the massacre and attempted to pin it on the PKK to create conflict. With the massacre they wanted to threaten the European states and gave them a message to stay away from the solution to the Kurdish issue” Bayik said.

Cemil Bayık said the Turkish state planned to strike a blow to the PKK through an operation on PKK administrators but instead received a blow through counter-operations, and gave the following information on the captured MİT administrators: “The Turkish state has always carried out large-scale operations against our Movement, but we always aimed to void these operations and carry our people’s hope for freedom forward. We approached this operation this way too. Now there are instances of state intelligence services fighting against each other, killing and abducting people in the history of states, but successful operations are not an often seen situation in the history of revolutionary movements. The Turkish state planned abductions and murder with an operation against our Movement, thus deal a blow to our Movement and achieve results, but they themselves received a heavy blow. There are no examples of this in the world, there are no operations that achieve such results, our Movement was a first”.

KCK Executive Council Co-chair Cemil Bayık concluded by saying they are in possession of some documents and they will share them with the public in the future. Bayık said: “The AKP-MHP regime continues their rule through the MİT, and they attempted to connect with ISIS through this to give ISIS strength, and thus achieve their goals in the Middle East. Many documents have surfaced exposing the Turkish state’s relationship with ISIS and Al Nusra, and the whole world saw it. The AKP-MHP fascism is still trying to create chaos in Syria and Iraq, and they continue their relationship with ISIS and Al Nusra. They don’t want stability in the region. They are trying to carve out space for themselves in the Middle East amidst instability. Because they are stuck, their policies have received blows and been defeated in every area. Now they are trying to achieve results through terror, violence, murder, arrests and threats. We have some documents in our possession, we may share them with the public in the future”.