Qadir: Barzani failed and should leave the office

Barzani failed Kurdish people and should withdraw from presidency Shasuwar Abdulvahid Qadir, the leader of New Generation Movement said.

Qadir also voiced criticism about the proposal to postpone the elections for one year and called to hold the elections on time to form a new government in Kurdistan region.

Qadir is the leader of newly formed New Generation Movement in Southern Kurdistan. The movement recently filed an application to the Electoral Committee to enter the upcoming elections.

Qadir called for a change of power in Southern Kurdistan and said: “Now those who came to power did this by armed struggle. Therefore they only think of leaving their posts if they face an armed struggle. But we believe in social struggle. And with this, we believe that we can change the government.”

The leader of New Generation Movement also held Southern Kurdistan’s government responsible for the loss of Kirkuk and other areas and called Barzani to leave the office for that.

“The governing parties set very bad examples. Now Kurdish people don’t trust them” Qadir said.