Autonomous Administration representative meets Norwegian Labour Party in Oslo

Abdulkerîm Omar, European Representative of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, met officials of the Norwegian Labour Party.

Abdulkerîm Omar, European Representative of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), met with a delegation from the Norwegian Labour Party on Tuesday (May 2) in Oslo, Norway to improve diplomatic and political relations.

The delegation included Asmund Aukrust, First Vice Chair of the Standing Committee on Foreign Relations and Defence, and MP Mani Hussaini.

Omar said that the Syrian crisis was discussed during the meeting. He said: "The Syrian crisis continues due to the stubbornness of the Damascus government, its refusal of dialogue for peaceful solutions and its insistence on a military solution. Another reason is that the Syrian opposition is dependent on foreign forces and acts to the detriment of the Syrians."

Both sides discussed the role Russia played in the Damascus-Ankara relations. It was noted that if Syria and Turkey reached an agreement, it would be another step in the war against North and East Syria and in the annihilation of the experience of the Autonomous Administration, and backfire on the Syrian people.

The main agenda of the meeting was the Autonomous Administration declaration recently presented for a solution to the Syrian crisis. Furthermore, the political, economic and security problems faced by the Autonomous Administration, the detention of ISIS prisoners in the Autonomous Administration regions and the duties of the international community concerning the ISIS prisoners were discussed.

The participants of the meeting stated that they agreed on many points, especially the importance of resolving the Syrian crisis by peaceful political methods in accordance with UN Resolution 2254 and the participation of all Syrian people in determining the future of the country.