Austria warns: “Turkey will create chaos in the Balkans”

Austrian Defense Minister Hans-Peter Doskozil warned European countries that Turkey is influencing Kosovo, Bosnia and Albania and is starting to have more say in the region.

Austrian Defense Minister Hans-Peter Doskozil spoke to daily German newspaper Die Welt on the developments in Balkan countries. The Austrian minister said the European Union has been losing influence in the Balkans, and that Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been gaining traction using Islam.


Austrian Defense Minister Hans-Peter Doskozil pointed out that Turkey in particular is trying to gain influence over Balkan countries and warned: “Turkey will attempt to send more soldiers to the region under the guise of a NATO mission. This will damage the democracy and stability built up in the region.”

The Austrian minister stated that Turkey is gaining more and more influence in Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and even Serbia, and that this is proving to be a dangerous situation. Doskozil warned the European Union and demanded that especially Germany should take action: “We are following the developments in the Balkans with grave concern. The EU and Germany should not remain silent in the face of the engagement Turkey continues in the Balkans.”


Lately, the number of mosques built by the AKP regime in the Balkans had been on the rise. These mosques operate under the Turkish state’s religious affairs directorate. Turkey is restoring mosques demolished in Banja Luka and Sarajevo especially during the Yugoslavian civil war and instating their own imams in these mosques.

Turkey is organizing under the guise of humanitarian aid organizations in Bosnia and Southern Serbia, while in Kosovo the manufacture of basic foodstuffs, highways and railroads and the energy sector belongs to Turkish companies. The EU offers the most economic support to the Balkans, while Turkey and Russia are the most significant countries for investments.