Attack on family in Izmir leaves 12 injured

12 people were injured in an armed attack against a family in Konak, Izmir.

As a result of an armed attack carried out by 2 people against a family in Konak, Izmir, 12 people were injured, including 1 baby and 5 children.

Two people living in the Güney neighborhood of Konak opened fire against the family they had disagreements with, including children. As a result of the attack, 1-year-old F.Ç and twins A.Ü and R.Ü (13),S.Ü. (42), A.U. (38), M.U. (18), M.T. (22), D.U. (16), F.U. (30), B.U. (17), S.N.D. (10) and A.U. were injured. The injured were taken to Tepecik and Bozyaka Education and Research Hospitals by the ambulances that were called at the scene.

It was learned that the 1-year-old baby was hit by 7 pellets on his head and body, and his condition was serious. The two people who attacked the family were detained.