Arson attack on HDP building in Inegöl, Bursa

An arson attack was carried out last night on the HDP association in Bursa in western Turkey.

The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) district association in Inegöl in the western Turkish province of Bursa was set on fire by unknown persons last night. The premises have been rendered unusable by the fire.

According to HDP district co-chair Ipek Akman, the unknown perpetrators entered the building and set fire to armchairs. The fire went out by itself. Police seized footage from surveillance cameras at the building and in the surrounding area.

HDP politician Akman said the following about the arson attack: "Despite the lockdown, someone comes to our headquarters and sets it on fire. There are police officers on this street all the time. Didn't they see anyone coming and going? The fact that nothing was done about the fire and no one was observed entering the building is suspicious."