Anti-fascist rally in Vienna amid increasing nationalist attacks

In front of the left centre EKH in Vienna an anti-fascist rally has taken place to demonstrate against the aggressions and attacks of Turkish nationalist and Islamist groups, which are becoming more and more frequent.

An anti-fascist rally was held on Friday in front of the left centre Ernst-Kirchweger-Haus (EKH) in Wielandgasse in Vienna, Austria.

The background for the action is attacks by Turkish right-wing extremists from the camp of the ultra-nationalist "Grey Wolves" on Kurdish-Turkish women's demonstrations and cultural areas of the internationalist left in the EKH, which happened in the last two days. Hundreds of people gathered in Wielandgasse and chanted "shoulder to shoulder against fascism". About a hundred fascists had gathered at the nearby Reumannplatz several hours ago before the rally. The police showed a massive presence Around the EKH.

In addition to the anti-fascist demonstration in the multicultural quarter, an event around the topic "Fascism in the migration society - right-wing violence in Favorites" takes place tonight in the clubhouse of the Federation of Democratic Workers' Associations of Turkish origin (DIDF).

The association of DIDF, which is located very close to the EKH, was also attacked yesterday evening by self-appointed "Guards of Favoriten". In recent months, there have also been more attacks on leftist rallies in the Favoriten region.

The discussion panel will focus mainly on why people who are often born in Austria orientate themselves towards the Turkish fascism of the Grey Wolves. How can the potential for violence be explained and why is it increasing? These questions will also be discussed. Guests are Zeynem Arslan (DIDF), Kübra Atasoy (Asylum in Need) and Michael Bonvalot (freelance journalist).