Demo in solidarity with Rojava and Rojhilat in Sweden

An event of solidarity with Rojava and Rojhilat was organised in the city of Örebro in Sweden.

Solidarity actions with the people of Rojava and Iran are growing in Sweden. After Stockholm, Borlänge, Gävle and Göteborg, the Kurds and their friends living in Örebro protested against the Iranian regime that killed over 100 demonstrators, and against the invading Turkish state. 

The Kurdish Democratic Community Center promoted the action which began with a minute of silence to commemorate Rojava and the martyrs of the revolution.

Rıdvan Altun, co-chair of the Swedish Kurdish Kurdish Center, said that the Middle East is experiencing the third world war and added that colonial countries and imperialist forces are resorting to all kinds of illegal methods to suppress the revolution.

Noting that the Turkish state wants to eliminate the ecological, democratic and egalitarian system built by the peoples in Northern and Eastern Syria, Altun said that these attacks are carried out with the approval and support of the USA. "Neither the Turkish state nor the Baath regime has the power to destroy this progressive and human aspirations. Enough."

Altun pointed out that the people of Rojava resisted heroically against ISIS mercenaries and are now carrying out a determined resistance against the Turkish state. Altun called on all the Kurds and their friends to challenge the humanitarian and war crimes of the occupying Turkish state and to increase the solidarity with Rojava.

Altun also pointed out that the peoples in Iran and Rojhilat are resisting the oppression of the Iranian regime. He said that the actions against fuel price increase became widespread throughout the country and turned into a major social uprising.