AKP members attempt to attack journalist Güldem

AKP members attempted to attack journalist Bilal Güldem when he refused to take the iftar meal they were delivering.

Members of AKP youth branches attempted to attack journalist Bilal Güldem, who was accompanying his father who was being treated at Batman State Hospital, inside the hospital.

Making a statement about the situation, Güldem shared the following: "While I was taking care of my father, AKP members attempted to attack me! An attempt was made to attack me because I did not take the iftar meal from the AKP Batman Youth Branch at Batman Regional State Hospital. Although they were forbidden to enter the hospital, AKP young members went directly to the tomography department and tried to distribute food. At that time, we were taking my father's CT scan. After the first attack, they attempted to attack for the second time. The staff did not allow it. Later, with the intervention of hospital security, the AKP members were taken out of the hospital."