AKP looking for mercenaries in coffee houses

The AKP can’t find soldiers to be used in the dirty war in Kurdistan waged via the Turkish state in line with the denial and annihilation policies even for money.

The TAF has been trawling coffee houses and cafés looking for soldiers to be used in the AKP’s dirty war.

Turkish state is in search of soldiers to use in the the dirty war waged by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan-led AKP government and the Turkish state against the Kurdish youth who react to policies of denial and annihilation instigated against the Kurdish people with self-rule.

Despite suffering great losses as a result of the policies of a dirty war in Kurdistan, the AKP and the Turkish state insist on this tactic still. Failing to achieve their goal first with billboards on main connections in city centers, then with text messages sent to phones, followed by PSAs on TV networks, the AKP is now trawling the coffee houses and cafés in search of mercenaries to use in the dirty war, handing out flyers one by one.


Implementing the dirty operations via the TAF, the AKP is now looking for soldiers to join the TAF with officers visiting coffee houses and cafés one by one in the Aegean city of Aydın. They have been distributing brochures to this end. The TAF is looking for specialist professional soldiers/mercenaries recruits in coffee houses and cafés where the unemployed youth usually hangs out.

The TAF has announced that they will recruit soldiers to be used in the AKP’s dirty war between January 1st and December 31st, 2016 but the interest in the mercenary system is not as expected. The situation uncovered in Aydın shows that the people are avoiding the professional soldier/mercenary system for the war waged in Kurdistan.


At a time when unemployment and economic crisis affects every city in the country, young people not wanting to become soldiers and avoiding the army despite salaries starting from 3000 liras, almost triple the minimum wage, shows the reality of the people’s approach to the reality of the dirty war.