"Afrin will be turned to a graveyard for AKP-MHP’s fascist gangs"

KCK condemned Turkish attack against Afrin and urged Kurdish people and democracy powers to stand up for Afrin just as they stood up for Kobane back in 2014.

In a written statement, co-presidency of KCK Executive Council accused the US, Russia and Europe of partnering with Erdogan’s politics of hostility against Kurds and urged everyone to stand up for Afrin.

The organization also said that they will stand by Afrin with all its strength.

“Turkey wants to destroy the democratic system which was established on the principle of brotherhood of Kurdish, Arab and Turkmen peoples. There are two main reasons for this attack. One is the motivation of AKP-MHP fascist governments to destroy Kurdish people’s gains in Afrin. The second one is that as AKP-MHP faces the fact that they will lose their power, they want to sustain their fascist government with this invasion operation” KCK said.

Here are some excerpts from the statement:

“Turkey attacks Afrin for the same reason that it attacks journalists, academics and democratic politicians in the country”.

“By opening Syrian airspace to Turkey, the Syrian and Russian regimes engaged in a dirty partnership which will be no good for them. Thus, they made a historic mistake which made all Kurds oppose them. There is no explanation for opening Syrian airspace to Turkish warplanes. They can’t justify permitting Turkey to attack Afrin. Of course, this policy will be questioned and they will be seen as an accomplice to this attack and invasion”.

“If the US and the EU won’t stand against this genocide and they will be seen as complicit in Kurdish genocide”.

KCK underlined that: "As Kurdish Freedom Movement, we will stand by the people of Afrin with all our strength. Neither the Turkish state nor any other force will be able to stop our people’s march for democracy”.