Activists in Copenhagen protest Turkish attacks on Kurds and call to support the guerrillas

The Democratic Society Center and the Sêvê Women's Assembly in Copenhagen protested the invasion attempts carried out by the Turkish state in Kurdistan and called to support the guerrillas who are resisting the attacks.

The Turkish state's invasion attacks on South Kurdistan and the attacks on Maxmur (Martyr Rüstem) Refugee Camp (which is under UN supervision) were protested by activists in Copenhagen.

The action organized by the Danish Democratic Society center and the Sêvê Women's Assembly in Nytorv Square started with a minute silence in memory of the martyrs of the revolutionary struggle.

Speakers at the demonstration pointed out that the aim of the Turkish state in attacking the UN-controlled Maxmur Refugee Camp with the support of the KDP administration was to carry out a genocide against the Kurdish people.

Attention was also drawn to the campaign ‘Everywhere Avaşin, everywhere Zap, everywhere Metina! Everywhere resistance. Dem Dema Azadiye’ and activists said: “We will support the guerrilla resistance and raise this resistance to victory. We will not accept betrayal; the Kurdish people will achive their national unity. We will show it to everyone. We will stand by those who protect Kurdistan, not those who sell it."