Activists in Armenia condemn Turkey's attack on South Kurdistan, salute the guerrilla's resistance

Activists in Armenia condemned the Turkish state's attack on South Kurdistan and saluted the guerilla's resistance.

Kurdish institutions in Armenia gathered in Mala Gel in Yerevan and made a press statement to condemn the Turkish state’s attacks on South Kurdistan and to salute the guerrilla resistance.

The statement said: "The Turkish state has always ignored the Kurds. Its policy has been to destroy the Kurds together with other peoples by using various methods. Since it failed to destroy the Kurds with assimilation and other methods, it has resorted to massacre throughout history, but it has not succeeded. The leadership of President Öcalan has allowed the emergence and development of the Freedom Movement, a more self-aware, conscious, political and self-defending Kurdish personality. With the development of the Freedom Movement, the Turkish state has taken its attacks on the Kurdish people to a higher level."

Response to the US

Kurds in Armenia also said that "world capitalist powers, especially the United States, support the fascist Turkish state, sometimes openly, sometimes secretly and sometimes with a blind eye, for their own interests. We also condemn this and call on the international states to give up their support for the fascist Turkish state. We condemn the bounty on 3 Kurdish Freedom Movement executives."

Call to South Kurdistan forces

The statement added: "We call on all Kurds, but especially the Southern Kurdistan forces, parties and institutions, to see the seriousness of the situation and to take a stand against it. The target of the fascist Turkish state is not only the PKK and the Freedom Movement forces. The last attacks of the Turkish state against the Medya Defense Areas are not a normal operation, but an attempt to invade the South by destroying the guerrilla. We believe that the great resistance of the guerrilla will frustrate the aspirations of the fascist Turkish state. On this basis we salute the guerrilla resistance and stand by them."