Abdullah Öcalan's 75th birthday celebrated in the house where he was born

Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan's 75th birthday was celebrated in the house where he was born.

The 75th birthday of the Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has been kept in isolation in Imrali F Type High Security Closed Prison for 25 years, was celebrated by his family and relatives in the house where he was born in Amara village of Halfeti district. Speaking here, his brother, Mehmet Öcalan, condemned that the delegation of politicians and NGOs and the accompanying citizens who wanted to go to Amara this morning were not allowed into the village, which had already been blockaded by the gendarmerie (military police).

Mehmet Öcalan said, "Today is the birthday of the Leader. We used to celebrate his birthday here every year. However, they have blockaded everywhere to prevent this celebration today, which has been the case in recent years. This is a very democratic demand. We want to celebrate the birthday of our leader like every nation."

Mehmet Öcalan stated that they will celebrate Abdullah Öcalan's birthday in every area they are in and added, "We condemn this system that has blockaded everywhere just to prevent celebrations from taking place. As his family, we are celebrating the birthday of our leader. The state should look at this picture and feel ashamed."

Turkish soldiers blockaded the neighbourhood in the morning hours yesterday (3 April), conducted criminal record checks on everyone walking on the streets throughout the day, and closed the entrances and exits to the village.