Çiçek Kobanê deported to Erzincan prison

Dozgin Temo (Çiçek Kobanê) and three other prisoners were deported to different prisons.


Four prisoners held in T Type closed prisons No. 1 and 2 in Urfa were deported to different prisons. Mahmut Tutal, who was held in T Type Prison No. 1, was deported to Erzincan Prison without informing his family, despite his own request. İdris Duruk, who was imprisoned in the same prison, was sent to Tarsus Prison.

Among the captives who were deported without informing their family was Dozgin Temo (Çiçek Kobanê), who was kidnapped and brought to Urfa (Riha) during the attack carried out by Turkey and the paramilitary groups it supported on the village of Mişrefa village in Ayn Isa in Northern and Eastern Syria. Çiçek Kobanê was deported to Erzincan High Security Closed Prison.