6 hamlets liberated in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates

Wrath of Euphrates fighters have repelled the ISIS attack on Jabil Shaîr village and continue their advance on this line. 6 more hamlets were liberated today.

The Operation Wrath of Euphrates to liberate Raqqa from ISIS occupation continues at full force.

Reports say that ISIS gangs have this morning attempted to infiltrate the positions of Wrath of Euphrates fighters in Jabil Shaîr village who are advancing towards Raqqa from Ayn Îsa direction. Clashes that erupted in the village after fighters noticed the attempt continued during the day. 5 ISIS members were killed and a bomb-laden car of theirs was destroyed during clashes. Ammunition including 4 Kalashnikov rifles was seized from the ISIS members killed here.

Wrath of Euphrates fighters thwarted the attack and continued making advances on the same line from three directions. Another blow was inflicted against the ISIS groups and 6 hamlets were liberated today.

On the other hand, the fighters advancing from Kadiriye direction have completely repelled the ISIS attacks on West Suwediye village, after which they started to advance towards the Kermanco village, Ali Omer and Derwîş hamlets to the east of the Kerwan village. Clashes in this region are reported to be ongoing and ISIS groups are suffering further blows.