46 ISIS members killed in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates

ISIS gangs’ 3 day long attacks on West Suwediye village to the west of Raqqa have been thwarted. At least 46 gang members were killed in the clashes.

The West Suwediye village in the western front of Raqqa was one of the attack centers for ISIS gangs. The gangs received logistical and force supplements and attacked the areas liberated by the Wrath of Euphrates Action Room fighters. After West Suwediye was cleared of ISIS gangs on December 7, the gangs have taken up attacks in order to retake the area.

Reports say the 3 day long attack by ISIS gangs towards West Suwediye village have been broken. In the ensuing clashes, at least 46 gang members were killed and large quantities of military equipment belonging to the gangs were destroyed.