38 ISIS members killed amid severe clashes in Jabar and Hadaj villages

38 ISIS members were killed during clashes between Wrath of Euphrates fighters and ISIS groups in East Jabar and Hadaj villages near Raqqa.

Wrath of Euphrates fighters continue their advance towards Raqqa despite challenging weather conditions. Clashes between ISIS groups and fighters partaking in the operation to liberate Raqqa continue in East Jabar and Hadaj villages to the south of the Karwan village since last night.

As the fighting goes on today, 5 ISIS members were killed in Hadaj village and 4 others in East Jabar village. One DshK-mounted vehicle of the gangs was destroyed in Hadaj village.
ISIS gangs yesterday noon attacked the East Jabar village from its northern side with armored and explosive-laden vehicles, against which Wrath of Euphrates fighters reiterated harshly.

29 ISIS members were killed during the fighting, as 6 panzers, one DshK-mounted vehicle and one armored vehicle of the ISIS groups were destroyed.