36 arrested in 4 cities

36 arrested in 4 cities

Out of hundreds of people who were recently detained for taking part in Kobanê protests, 36 have been remanded in custody in the provinces of Mardin, Antalya, Siirt and Erzurum.


15 people who had been detained in an expansive house-raid operation in the Saraçoğlu and Yalımköy neighborhoods of Artuklu district were referred to the Courthouse which ruled the arrest of all detainees yesterday evening.

In the district of Kızıltepe, two people were arrested after being detained for participating the Kobanê protests that turned violent as local Islamist groups attacked demonstrators and led to the death of many people.

In Derik district, four people, including a minor, was taken into custody yesterday evening, again on the grounds of taking part in protest demos for Kobanê. After the referral of the 4 to a court, three of them were arrested, including a 16-year-old minor, for allegedly “being members of a terrorist organization”.


11 people were detained as a result of house raids in the district of Hınıs which witnessed three-day long protests against the ongoing attacks of ISIS gangs on Kobanê. All 11 detainees were arrested by a court and sent to Erzurum H Type Closed Prison “being members of a terrorist organization” and “spreading propaganda for a terrorist organization”.

On the other hand, intense security measures have been taken by police across the district today.


Police units carrying out operations following Kobanê protests detained 13 people in the southern province of Antalya, among whom 5 were released and 8 referred to a court, demanded to be arrested. SDP (Socialist Democrat Party) Antalya provincial executive Ali Çalışkan was arrested for allegedly “damaging public property”, while the other 7 were released pending a trial.


DÖKH (Democratic Free Women's Movement) activists Saniye Çark, Dilek Yanardağ and Oya Malgaz were detained after police raided a stand they opened demanding freedom for Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan. The three women were released after bearing a testimony at police station.


Seven people including DBP Siirt provincial Accountant M. Emin Sezek, who had been detained in a house-raid operation the day before were referred to a court yesterday evening. Three among them were arrested and sent to Siirt E Type Prison for allegedly “committing a crime on behalf of a terrorist organization”.