272 ISIS members killed, 640 square km land liberated in Raqqa operation

640 square km land was liberated and 272 ISIS members were killed in the third phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates.

Wrath of Euphrates Operation Command announced the balance sheet for the third phase in the ongoing Operation Wrath of Euphrates.

The press briefing by Wrath of Euphrates Operation Command Spokesperson Cîhan Şêx Ehmed in al-Manaxir was attended by Raqqa Civil Assembly members and commanders partaking in the campaign.

The statement by Wrath of Euphrates Operation Command is as follows:

“In the third phase of the military campaign to liberate the Raqqa city and villages from ISIS terror, our forces advanced from two fronts. Those advancing on Bîr al-Hiba front east of Raqqa liberated an area of 540 square kilometers. This territory involved the al-Karama town, one of the strategic locations for the gangs in the region.

Our forces advancing on Abû Xeseb front liberated an area of 100 square kilometers, which involves several villages and hamlets. The civilians in the liberated areas were rescued from the gangs. Our professional units cleared the mines in the liberated villages and enabled the locals to return home.

We salute the resistance of our commanders and fighters that wrote an epic with their struggle, broke the attacks of ISIS gangs and defeated them. We also thank the local residents who welcomed our fighters with open arms and assisted them in the offensives against the gangs.

Our forces; with YPG,YPJ, Deir ez-Zor Military Council and Nuxbe forces under the SDF umbrella, supported by airstrikes of the international coalition against ISIS, in addition to units of professional experts and advisors have liberated a larger part of east Raqqa from the gangs.

We repeat once again that the administration of the liberated areas will be taken over by Raqqa Civil Assembly. SDF forces will actively accomplish the defense of the region and protect civilians from terrorist ISIS gangs. We give the good news that the liberation of Raqqa from gangs is near."


A DShK-mounted military vehicle was destroyed

5 military vehicles destroyed

12 bomb-laden vehicles destroyed

4 motorcycles destroyed

3 Katyusha type arms destroyed

A heat-sensitive missile destroyed

An ammunition depot of the gangs was bombed.

272 ISIS members were killed during clashes and bodies of 67 of these in addition to a large number of arms and munitions was seized by our fighters. A plant where gangs produced medicine and arms was located.

14 fighters of the SDF fell martyr whilst putting up heroic fight against the gangs during this phase of the campaign.