Zinar Bagok, a brave guerrilla as majestic as Mount Bagok

Born in Nusaybin, one of the towns of uprisings in Kurdistan, Zinar Avcı joined the guerrilla ranks at a young age. Martyr Zinar, known for his sacrifice and courage in guerrilla life, took part in many actions that dealt heavy blows to the Turkish state.

Not every eye sees, understands or feels beauty. Only those with a beautiful heart can recognize and see beauty. Therefore, not everyone understands the beauty and importance of the Kurdistan geography, only those who love it see it and sacrifice their lives and bodies for it. One of these sacrificial heroes is Zinar Avcı.

In the history of Kurdistan, and especially in the history of the PKK, there are certain cities and regions that have played a decisive role in the revival of the Kurdish people's struggle. In the 1990s, when the attacks of the Turkish state were at their most brutal, the people of Nusaybin rose up against this oppression and led many uprisings.

These uprisings marked the beginning of the liberation of Kurdistan. Zinar Avcı (Zinar Bagok), who was born into a patriotic family in Nusaybin district of Mardin, one of the towns of uprisings in Kurdistan, grew up with this culture and tradition of resistance.

Zinar Avcı, who became aware of the special war policies of the Turkish state at a young age, made sure that the youth around him were careful against these policies. Actively involved in youth work, Zinar Avcı led his comrades at a young age. Zinar Avcı, whose anger against the enemy's attacks against the Kurdish people increased day by day, found the solution in the guerrilla ranks. In 2015, Zinar Avcı joined the guerrilla and received his basic training in the Besta area. Zinar, a guerrilla fighter who did not accept any result other than victory and success, carried out a struggle based on the philosophy of Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan). For the guerrilla Zinar, who was very impressed by comradeship relations, PKK morality and culture was his red line.

Developing himself militarily, the guerrilla Zinar led his comrades in battle tactics. Martyr Zinar, who researched and focused on guerrilla warfare, became a more effective and strong-willed fighter as he improved himself in the field of struggle. A source of strength and morale for his comrades, the guerrilla Zinar was known for his courage on the battlefield. With a self-sacrificing spirit, he took effective actions against the enemy, neutralizing the enemy soldiers with his courage. Martyr Zinar, who took great responsibility and fulfilled heavy tasks for the freedom of Kurdistan's lands in a short time, together with a group of comrades, engaged in an intense clash with the invading Turkish army forces that launched an attack on the Besta area of Şırnak on June 11, 2018. In the clashes and attacks, guerrilla Zinar Bagok fell a martyr whilst fighting heroically along with 8 comrades. Guerrilla Zinar and his 8 comrades sacrificed their lives for sacred values, leaving behind a great legacy of resistance.