YPS: “We retreated from Nusaybin, civilian deaths must be avoided”

YPS announced that they have pulled their armed forces and issued a call: “We call for action to guarantee the right to life for the civilian and defenseless mothers and children in Nusaybin”

YPS General Coordination expressed that the self defense resistance based on the Kurdish people’s legitimate demand for democratic autonomy has continued with great resolve for 72 days. The YPS statement says: “It is an important result that the resistance has continued up to this day despite the forces acting in the name of the Turkish state using every technique imaginable including fighter jets. In these circumstances of reckless destruction by the state forces, it has been seen as necessary for the resistance forces to change position. To this end, our forces have retreated successfully from Nusaybin city and have arrived in bases as of May 25.”

The declaration from the coordination continues:

“As of now, we no longer have armed forces in Nusaybin. Thus, the AKP state has no more reason to burn the city down. From now on, every bullet fired in Nusaybin by the Turkish state forces will be fired on unarmed civilians, as there are no armed people left in the district.

Meanwhile, there are civilian mothers and children trapped in Alika (Tunç) neighborhood. There are some local and civilian youth along with them. The unarmed and wounded people’s lives are in danger right now. It has risen as a human rights duty that all human rights organisations and forces of democracy to step in to protect the right to life of these people.

We call on the patriotic Nusaybin and Mardin people and all the people of Kurdistan to step in to guarantee the right to life for the civilian and defenseless mothers and children in Nusaybin.

We call on all defenders of democracy and human rights in Kurdistan, Turkey and the international community to fulfill their responsibility and to step in so our civilian, defenseless children and elderly people are not massacred like they were in Cizre.”