YPG: Turkish army and gangs intensify their attacks

YPG reported that ISIS and SNC-affiliated gangs in addition to the Turkish army have increased their attacks on Rojava, West Kurdistan lands.

YPG Press Office stated that Turkish troops have intensified their attacks on YPG forces and Rojava soil since the beginning of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates. YPG said the Turkish state wanted to harm the YPG fighters as they have started an operation to liberate Raqqa from ISIS.

Turkish army carried out two separate attacks on November 8 night.

These attacks targeted the Kel Hesenakê in Tirbespiyê and the Mele Abbas territory located between Tirbespiyê and Çilaxa town. YPG combatants responded to the attack, after which Turkish soldiers fled the area.

Turkish army also deployed numerous tanks and armored vehicles along the border line between Qamishlo and Tirbespiyê.

On the other hand, ISIS gangs made a second attempt of attack at 14:00 on November 8 after the heavy defeat they suffered in Malha village of Shaddadi. YPG effectively retaliated against the attack which was carried out with many armored vehicles and heavy weapons.

Bodies of 18 ISIS members were seized and 5 others remain in YPG-held area while 1 panzer, 1 armored vehicle, 3 BKC, 2 Kalashnikovs and 3 B7 were also seized by YPG.

One YPG fighter fell putting up a brave fight.

In the meantime, gang groups affiliated to the Syrian National Coalition attacked the Maranez village over Azaz on November 8 night, YPG stated.