YBS-YJS fighters: October 9 plot was voided through the struggle

YBS and YJS fighters spoke on the anniversary of the October 9 International Plot against PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan and said the international plot has been voided with the struggle put forth.

As the international plot against PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan enters its 21st year, protests are organized throughout Kurdistan and the rest of the world. YBS (Shengal Resistance Units) and YJS (Shengal Women’s Units) fighters protested the October 9 Plot and said the plot against Ocalan has been voided through the struggle put forth.

YJS fighter Jîyanda Êzîdxan said an isolation is being imposed upon the Kurdish people through Ocalan, and added that the international plot has been voided through Ocalan’s philosophy and struggle. Jîyanda Êzîdxan said, “It becomes clearer every day that this conspiracy that most hegemonic powers agreed on and planned to disband the freedom movement and the oppressed peoples through Leader Apo has failed to achieve results. On the contrary, peoples organized under the Leader’s philosophy are marching towards freedom day by day.”


Êzîdxan said, “As Yazidi society, we didn’t know the Leader’s philosophy until 2014. After the August 3 massacre, we got to know the Leader’s ideas and we were able to remain standing. Looking at it now, we are growing with our own power and our own will, and we are organizing under the Leader’s philosophy. We will continue the struggle our Leader set out and took to the next level without a hitch, for women’s freedom. Leader Apo and we the peoples they attempt to take hostage will continue our fight to the end. We are prepared to do whatever is necessary and whatever is asked of us for Leader Apo’s freedom. Let us never forget that we won’t be free until Leader Apo, who raised us from our ashes and gave the peoples of broken confidence the faith for freedom, is free.”

YBS fighter Xebat Shengal said, “The aggravated isolation imposed upon Leader Apo is a concrete sign how much the enemy fears the Leader. Fear will be their end. The isolation imposed upon the Leader of the Peoples has left 20 years behind, still the most fundamental rights like visits with his family and lawyers have been confiscated. Despite everything, Leader Apo has displayed a great resistance and has fought. This is what has made the enemy desperate. The enemy, not knowing what to do, forces an isolation upon the Leader. The biggest reason for the international plot was that Leader Apo became a hope for the oppressed peoples of the Middle East in particular and the world in general. That is why he was targeted by hegemonic powers. Never forget that ideas can’t be isolated. The most concrete example of this is Leader Apo, who is seen as a leader by millions of people who embrace his ideas at the cost of their lives. We the Yazidis have been saved from massacre and genocide with the Leader’s philosophy. Now we organize with this ideology that saved us and for the first time, we are defending our lands as part of a defense force made up of Yazidis.”