YBŞ fighters: We'll resist all attacks, no matter where they come from

YBŞ fighters that participate in the defense of Shengal stated that they would resist all attacks no matter where they come from, just like they defended Êzidî people to the death when all other forces turned their back on Shengal.

Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) fighters that participate in the defense of Shengal spoke to ANF and stated that they would resist all attacks no matter where they come from, just like they defended Êzidî people to the death when all other forces turned their back on Shengal.

Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) fighter Shengal Tolhildan stated that the people’s resistance in North Kurdistan would end in victory, and massacres and arrests would not defeat the people’s struggle. Tolhildan said “They carry out intensive attacks and imprison co-mayors to break the will of our people in North Kurdistan, but the Turkish state should know that the people of North Kurdistan do not surrender.” Tolhildan stated that history would not forget the arrests of HDP co-presidents Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ, and the honorable resistance of Kurdish people would end in victory. He remarked that the tanks and artillery of the Turkish state could not defeat the will of the people, and saluted the people of North Kurdistan on behalf of YBŞ and Êzidî people.


Tolhildan said that the Ottomans could not eradicate Êzidî people despite tens of massacres, and the same mentality operates in Shengal Mountain but the YBŞ would not allow it to reach success. Tolhildan said ‘Turkey occupies Bashiqa, which is the land of the Êzidîs. They want to be part of Mosul initiative to save ISIS on the one hand and prevent the freedom initiative of Êzidî people on the other hand. Turkish state’s occupation of Shengal and South Kurdistan is an attack on our honor and existence. Therefore, the people of South Kurdistan should avoid simple political gains and stand up against this occupation. Turkey wants to carry out a massacre that is similar to the one it carried out in North Kurdistan.”

Tolhildan warned that silence in the face of Turkish soldiers’ occupation of Bashiqa could lead to further occupations, and the Turkish state’s threat that it would not allow Shengal to be a second Qandil only means that Turkey want Êzidîs to stop their freedom struggle and obey its occupants and their accomplices. Tolhildan Said “YBŞ will resist the occupant Turkish army, just like we resisted ISIS gangs. Our people should have faith in themselves and not have any expectations from external powers. Nobody will save us. We should educate and organize ourselves in order to enhance our self-defense. We will choose the honorable path of resistance, just like how our ancestors did in the face of tens of massacres during the Ottoman times. We will protect out holy mountain Shengal, and liberate our city from the gangs. Our people should join the YBŞ and YJŞ, and we wish success to everybody that refuses cruelty and chooses resistance.”


YBŞ fighter Botan Qîranî also praised the resistance of the people of North Kurdistan, and condemned the Turkish state’s attack on the people and arrests of HDP parliamentarians including Selahattin Demirtaş. Qîranî stated that YBŞ will always support the people of North Kurdistan and their honorable resistance, and called upon democracy forces to show solidarity with Kurdish people in North Kurdistan. Qîranî recalled that the people of North Kurdistan supported Rojava and Shengal when the rest of the world had turned their backs on these places, and called upon everyone to join forces with North Kurdistan and prevent Turkey from smothering the peoples’ struggle for freedom. Qîranî said “Turkey is using collaborating Kurds to settle in South Kurdistan and smother peoples’ struggle for freedom. KDP is used to inflict blows on the struggle of Êzidîs and prevent Kurds from making gains. The people of South Kurdistan must stand up against this occupation and not allow Turkey to carry out its dirty policies in the South. No matter how much the gangs and betrayers attack, they cannot eliminate our victory and revolutions. Those that do not bown down set an example to us and the entire humanity, and the growth of the YBŞ and the autonomous administration of Shengal cannot be prevented.”


YBŞ fighter Barzan Shengal said that victory could only come if all Kurdistan people unite and act together, and saluted the resistance of the people of North Kurdistan. Shengal said that similar attacks have been taking place all across Kurdistan, but times have changed and the policies of genocide would fail due to the peoples’ resistance. Shengal said “We are not as divided as we used to be, and we will not allow occupants to yield results through betrayers. The people of North Kurdistan are not alone. Rojava, Shengal, South and East Kurdistan are with them. We share their mentality and fight against the same enemies and the same betrayers.”

Lastly, Shengal emphasized that Kurdish people would not allow occupant powers to carry out their dirty plans in Kurdistan, and called upon the people of South Kurdistan to show solidarity with the struggles in Shengal and North and West Kurdistan.