YBŞ/YJŞ Commanders: The attacks only make us stronger

Commanders of YBŞ and YJŞ vowed retaliation for the Turkish air attack on the Shengal region in which four fighters of the resistance units lost their lives.

ANF spoke with commanders of the Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) and the Shengal Women's Units (YJŞ) about the Turkish air raid on 15 January in which four YBŞ fighters, among them commander Zerdeşt Şengalî, were killed.

Dijwar Feqîr, YBŞ commander, said that: "We have lost valuable friends who would have led YBŞ into the future. We wish our people our sincere condolences. The friends played an important role in the liberation of Shengal from the ISIS. Retaliation for them is essential for the people of Shengal. The forces that are turning a blind eye to Turkey's attack and opening the airspace further must distance themselves from this attitude."

Hezda Şengalî: "We do not fear the enemy"

Hezda Şengalî, one of the commanders of YJŞ, says: "Our organization, built up under great sacrifices, awakens fear in our enemy. We know that, but we are not afraid of any enemy. We will retaliate for our fallen comrades and continue our struggle."

Kurtay Şengalî: "They shouldn’t think that we will be weakened"

Kurtay Şengalî, also from the YBŞ command, told ANF: "Children of this people were murdered, the very children who led the liberation of the region from the ISIS. The Turkish state is now taking revenge on them. Erdoğan is still avenging ISIS and Baghdadi. This attack does not take place without information and approval from the Iraqi central government. Our enemies should not think that they can weaken or intimidate us through these attacks. On the contrary, we are organizing and becoming stronger. When Zekî Şengalî fell on August 15, 2018, hundreds of fighters joined our ranks and gave themselves the name Zekî Şengalî. We will definitely retaliate for the martyrs."