YBŞ issues statement on suspicious explosion

YBŞ stated that it was still not clear how and by whom a vehicle was detonated near a sacred place for the Yazidis.

A vehicle exploded in Shengal on Sunday evening. KDP sources claimed it was an air strike. However, the Press Center of the Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) said in a written statement that the allegation was not true.

YBŞ stated that the explosion took place on September 20 at 20.45, near the Şerfedin Tomb, a sacred place for the Yazidis, and said: "It is still not clear how and by whom this vehicle was detonated."

The statement said: "It is interesting that the KDP and some forces announced that this incident took place as a result of an air strike. During the explosion of the vehicle, neither reconnaissance planes nor jets were flying over Shengal."

The statement added: "Clearly, some forces or parties are trying to show with these statements that there is no peace and security in Shengal, especially at a time when our people is returning to their land. Those who try to break the security of Shengal with these words and tricks will not achieve their goals."