Guerrilla Qamishlo: The PKK gives women a great role

YJA STAR guerrilla Cudi Qamıshlo joined the guerrilla in 2019. She said that she lived in very difficult conditions as an Arab woman, and added that women are given great importance in the PKK.

YJA STAR guerrilla Cudi Qamishlo, an Arab woman from Dêir Ez-zor, explained the process of getting to know the guerrilla and the reasons for her decision to join it. Cudi Qamishlo, who learned Kurdish shortly after joining the guerrilla, said: "I am from Deir Ez-Zor, I joined the guerrilla ranks in 2019. What most affected me was the philosophy of leader Öcalan. When I joined the party, what attracted my attention was the comradeship. It was very nice to me that every comrade thought about the other comrades."

Guerrilla Qamishlo said that in the society she comes from "the woman did not have much value, especially in Deir Ez-Zor. As soon as a young girl grows up, she gets married. The woman cannot leave the house until she gets married. Because society’s trust in women is very weak. Women are scorned. The power of women is dismissed; it is believed that they cannot do anything. They think that women can only do housework and take care of children. There is such a mentality."

Guerrilla Qamishlo said that after joining the guerrilla, she personally witnessed that women could do anything and was very impressed by this. “When I joined the party ranks, I saw that women were given great value in the PKK. In the PKK, women are very valuable, we can determine our life with our will, we can respond to all kinds of attacks against women, we can fight. In short, as women, we can do everything in the PKK. Because women have a very different place and importance."

Noting that the ideas of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan are not only for Kurds, but for all humanity, guerrilla Qamishlo said: "When I joined the guerrilla, I saw that friends from Arab, German, British and many nations joined. Leader Apo's ideas and ideology are not only for Kurds. They are for all humanity and the oppressed peoples of the world.”

Guerrilla Qamishlo spoke in Kurdish and ended with a call in Arabic on Arab youth and women: "It is my call to all young people, especially Arab youth and women; There is a free and dignified life in these mountains. I invite everyone to participate in this dignified and free life."