PKK pays tribute to Commander Serhed Deniz Tendurek

Commander Serhed Deniz Tendurek (Deniz Demir) was commemorated on the second anniversary of his martyrdom.

The PKK Solidarity with the Martyrs’ Families Committee commemorated commander Serhed Deniz Tendurek (Deniz Demir). Commander Tendurek was fighting in the Xakurke region and fell a martyr on 20 January 2019.

He fell a martyr when he stood as a protective shield in front of his companions during a Turkish air raid.

The PKK statement said: “The Xakurke commander fought courageously and with sacrifice spirit in a leading position to the last drop of blood. At the last moment of his life he stood as a protective shield in front of his companions. To protect them from an air raid, he has shown himself and attracted the attention of the fighter bombers. So he became the target of the cowardly occupying army.”

The statement continued: "Heval Serhed was born in 1982 in Tutak, Ağrı province in North Kurdistan, a child of a patriotic family. Shaped by his family circle he grew up with the ideals, values ​​and culture of his people. He then showed great commitment with youth work in North Kurdistan. With his intelligence and his ability to empathize, he became the organizer and teacher of hundreds of young people. Many young people joined the liberation struggle thanks to him. In his youth he took responsibility for very difficult revolutionary tasks. He carried out his leadership role with great enthusiasm until the last moment.

He showed many valuable skills in organizing. For him, the Kurdish identity was always in the foreground. His personality was shaped by a revolutionary and socialist character."

The statement added: "After his youth work he was active in media work and in the ideological field. He fulfilled his duties in this area with success. At his own persistent request, he also took part in military activities and within a short period of time developed into a capable commander. His military skills, political awareness and attitude in everyday life made him become one of the leading commanders in Xakurke. For many years he dealt with the basic training of new fighters and trained thousands of freedom fighters. His anger towards the enemy and the occupation was channeled into a revolutionary force. He swore to avenge the martyrs. As a revolutionary, he has worked creatively to achieve his goals.

Heval Serhed was known for his solidarity and love for his comrades. He always took on difficult tasks himself leaving the easier ones to others. He was always leading and came up with diverse and creative solutions for all problems.

Heval Serhed was a kind, warm, humble, committed, loving and respectful commander. His knowledge was well-founded, his ties to Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] strong and his militancy determined. As the liberation movement of Kurdistan, we express our condolences to his family and the entire Kurdish people. His hopes and desires will be victoriously fulfilled with the liberation struggle."