Erdal Acem, a fighter with character

Erdal Acem, born in Rojhilat (Iranian Kurdistan), joins the PKK movement that embraces all peoples. HPG guerrilla Fırat Zilan talked about Acem, who set an example for his comrades with his struggle and resistance.

His comrade HPG guerrilla Fırat Zilan described Erdal Acem, who was born in the Rojhilat part of a country divided into four parts. Erdal Acem joins the Freedom Movement from Rojhılat. And for many years he was a guerrilla fighting against all forces that wanted to destroy the Kurds in the mountains. He was martyred in the Cilo mountains in 2016-2017.

Talking about Martyr Erdal Acem, HPG guerrilla Fırat Zilan stated that Acem fought until the end, believing in victory. Continuing his speech, guerrilla Fırat Zilan stated the following. "When I first joined the organization, he served as our unit commander in the Zagros field. And he remained that way until his death. He wanted to train a fighter in an ideological and military sense. It was unthinkable that problems emerged in his presence and his fighters were demoralized. Especially in a place where difficulties and challenges are at stake, such as Zagros, strong comradeships emerge, which was created with the labour of the martyr Erdal in so much difficulty.

He attached great importance to military discipline. He was sensitive about this, and he also trained his friends. Everyone called him "Acem Erdal" (Iranian Erdal). He was originally an Iranian. He always looked at friends, laughed and said, "Well, I became a Kurd among you". The PKK is a reality that embraces all peoples. This enriches the struggle. Martyr Erdal was aware of the necessities of this struggle and was doing it."