Workers’ protests continue on day 10 in Rojhilat

Kolbers, kesibkars and shopkeepers continue their protests in Rojhilat on day 10.

Kolbers, kesibkars and shopkeepers in Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan) have been protesting the increase in customs duties and closing of the border gates for the last 10 days. The protests continue.

Workers continue their protests in Ciwanro, Bane, Merîwan, Bokan, Mehabad, Seqiz, Serdeşt and Pîranşar provinces and want the Iranian regime to meet their demands.

Last night, protesters took to the streets in Meriwan to protest the Iranian regime. A private restaurant was set on fire.

The restaurant owner Kawe Kunepuşî protested the activists and was wounded in an intervention.

Iranian pasdars didn’t permit the protest in Meriwan and fired shots into the air to disperse protesters.