Victims of Shengal Genocide commemorated in Southern Kurdistan

Tevgera Azadi, Free Youth Movement, Shengal Women’s Assembly Women Support Unit, REJAK and many MPs, as well as different groups in society attended demonstrations across Soouthern Kurdistan to condemn the Shengal genocide.

The Shengal Genocide has been condemned in demonstrations in various locations in Southern Kurdistan.

Tevgera Azadi, Free Youth Movement, Shengal Women’s Assembly Women Support Unit, REJAK and many MPs, as well as different groups in society have attended the demonstrations held in various locations and calls were issued to support Shengal more.


In the demonstration in Sulaymaniyah, Dayika Koçer spoke on behalf of Shengal Women’s Assembly’s Women Support Unit and pointing out that August 3 is a dark day for Êzidis and all Kurds, called for immediate liberation of Êzidi women from ISIS.

Candles were lit in memory of the Shengal martyrs and Kurdistan Free Women’s Movement (RJAK) Executive Council member Destan Mehruf said: “We condemn the international community and the Iraqi parliament for their silence on the Shengal massacre up to this day. We demand this massacre is recognized as a genocide immediately.”

Another address for the ceremony was Sulaymaniyah University’s Raperin hall. Sulaymaniyah Governor, many MPs and Ezidis staying in Aşti Camp attended the ceremony held by CDO (Civil Development Organisation).

First speaker in the ceremony, Sulaymaniyah Governor Dr. Aso Feridun said: “As the pain of Halabja and Enfal, the Shengal Massacre has created deep wounds in all our hearts. ISIS may have thought they achieved success by invading Shengal, but we avenged that in Kobanê. The success of the guerilla, the peshmerga and the fighters were key to the liberation of regions in Kurdistan. Like Saddam Hussein and Ali hasan Mecid, those responsible and guilty for the Shengal Massacre will certainly see themselves in court rooms in cages, and they will be punished.

Hakim Kasım spoke on behalf of Êzidis in Aşti Camp and said two years ago, “a dark enemy attacked [us] and martyred thousands of Êzidis.”


A state holiday was declared for the anniversary of the Shengal Genocide in Kirkuk.

Kirkuk Governor Dr. Necmeddin Kerim, his deputies and dozens of governorate employees took to the streets and held a minute’s silence. Kerim gave a speech and said the Shengal Massacre should be recognized as a genocide.


A group of activists in Hewler’s Choman district condemned the massacre and demanded the perpetrators be put on trial immediately.


Another demonstration attended by various women’s organisations in RJAK’s leadership was held in Kelar. RJAK Kelar Committee Member Gulebax Celal spoke in the ceremony and addressed the KDP: “Why wasn’t Shengal defended? Why did those responsible for Shengal’s defense flee and leave the place defenseless? If they were leaving, why didn’t they let the Shengali people know, so they wouldn’t be subjected to a massacre.”


Hundreds of people came together in Maxmur Martyr Families Association for the ceremony which started with a minute’s silence. Then, İştar Women’s Assembly Coordination Member Zeynep Şitka gave a speech and said:

“We will never forget this massacre. We will continue being there for the Shengali people. In four parts of Kurdistan, our people, with our women and youth, are in a great resistance. Thousands of Ezidi women were kidnapped and sold in slave markets in the Shengal Massacre. There still is no information on their condition. Those who committed this atrocity are experiencing great defeat thanks to the great resistance built by the Kurdish youth. We too will never forget the 73rd Firman, and will always be together in unity with our Ezidi people and we will build our future stronger.”


Representatives from several women’s organizations attended the demonstration held in Sulaymaniyah's Germiyan zone Kifri district by RJAK.

Hevi Kamyeran read the statement out loud for RJAK and condemned the massacre, saying “We need to hold those responsible for the massacre accountable”. Nermin Osman reading the Kurdistan Women’s Association’s statement said “There needs to be a joint project to make the massacres and calamities suffered by the Kurdish people. Also, the Kurdistan Regional Government should increase their efforts to save the Ezidi women in ISIS’ hands.


In the demonstration held in Sengeser sub-district in Ranya led by activists from Eastern Kurdistan, Viyan Zagros spoke for the activists and said: “Those responsible for this massacre should be put on trial. The safety of Ezidi people should be ensured. For this, the best defense forces YBŞ and YJŞ forces should be strengthened.