Victims of Cizre basement massacre commemorated

The commemoration of Rohat Aktaş, Editor-in-Chief of Azadiya Welat newspaper, DBP PM Member Mehmet Yavuzel and Mazlum Yeşil, who were murdered by the Turkish state in a basement in Cizre, was prevented by the police.

The police tried to prevent a commemoration at the graves of journalist Rohat Aktaş, DBP PM Member Mehmet Yavuzel and Mazlum Yeşil, who were murdered by Turkish state forces in Cizre district of Şırnak during the self-governance resistance, on the grounds that they were "places of worship".

The police chief admitted that there was no document or justification for the attempted ban and said that they acted on instructions.

In response to the police's attempts to prevent the commemoration, people did not leave the cemetery and held a silent protest for two hours.

The families entered the cemetery despite the police's attempt to prevent them from doing so, leaving carnations and praying. The commemoration was held in front of the cemetery with the participation of the families.

Speaking at the commemoration, Halil Yavuzel, Mehmet Yavuzel's brother, reacted against the attempt to prevent the commemoration and said, "My brother went to Cizre to stand by the oppressed and was martyred."

Serdar Altan, Co-Chair of the Dicle Fırat Journalists Association (DFG), condemned the action by the police and said, "Our friend Rohat was a journalist and wanted to convey the atrocities in Cizre to the whole world. He gave his life to bring the truth to the people. We condemn the obstruction attempts."

DEM Party Urfa MP Ömer Öcalan stated that they are pursuing a politics of solution against the politics of war and said, "It is a great shame that the commemoration is not allowed. The Free Press conveys all massacres to the world. We commemorate all Free Press martyrs with respect." The commemoration ended with the slogan "Şehîd namirin" (Martyrs are immortal).

After the commemoration, people went to the district center and made a press statement at Pirsûs Square. DEM Party MP Ömer Öcalan reacted against the prevention of the commemoration and said, "This people have never bowed down and never will. We do not accept this insult. Those who were murdered are our children. Let friend and foe know that we will always embrace these children, our most precious ones."