Vengeance Units carry out actions in Van

Vengeance Units vowed to continue their actions against the enemies of the Kurdish people and their collaborators.

Martyr Delal Amed Vengeance Units announced actions carried out in memory of Honor Resistance fighters who fell as martyrs in the attacks of the Turkish state and allied mercenaries.

The statement by Martyr Delal Amed Vengeance Units announced the details of the actions as follows:

Turkish police units performing ID check were targeted with improvised explosive device in the Sihke neighborhood in Van’s İpekyolu district on November 10.

On November 14, the house of Özcan Alıcı, who was established to be collaborating with the enemy was hit with improvised explosive device.

The statement underlined that: “As Turkish fascism barbarously targets Kurdish existence, special war contras collaborating with the enemy will continue to be our target. Anyone with animosity against the righteous and honorable cause of the Kurdistan people will be brought to account in return. We are following the agents and collaborators in the cities of Kurdistan and will continue to hit them with the spirit of vengeance at every opportunity.”