Turkish warplanes bomb villages in Amadiya, South Kurdistan

Turkish warplanes bombed a number of villages in Amadiya, in the province of Duhok in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq).

According to the information received, the villages of Sigêrê, Guherzêpan and Nihêlê in Amadiya were bombed by Turkish warplanes.

Information on the damage caused by the attack could not be obtained.

Civilian areas systematically targeted

The Turkish state is systematically bombing civilian areas in South Kurdistan. Since last year, dozens of villages have been forcibly evacuated due to Turkish state attacks. Many civilians lost their lives in the attacks.

The Federal Kurdistan Region Environmental Protection Board declared that the invading Turkish state had damaged an area of ​​approximately one million acres in a statement it released on 9 January.

In a report prepared by the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) in June 2021, it is said that at least 103 civilians lost their lives, 148 villages were evacuated and 500 villages were under threat of evacuation because of the Turkish state's attacks on South Kurdistan in the past five years.