Turkish UCAV attack in Kelar

An aerial attack by the Turkish state targeted a building in Kelar in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Turkey has once again bombed southern Kurdistan. An unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) entered the airspace of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) on Friday and attacked a building in Kelar. The police have launched an investigation and secured evidence. 

The airstrike in Kelar took place at midday in the central district of Shahidan - in the middle of a residential and commercial area.

Kelar is located in the Germîyan region and administratively belongs to the Sulaymaniyah governorate. The city is located around 135 kilometers south of the metropolis of Sulaymaniyah and more than 300 kilometers from the Turkish-Iraqi state border. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for airstrikes to be carried out here, which Ankara justifies as being in the interests of "territorial security".

The attack came a day after the attacks in Shengal and Sulaymaniyah.

On February 29, a citizen named Abdulkadir Sabri Toprak was murdered in Sulaymaniyah. It was learned that Sabri Toprak, a married father of three, had defected to South Kurdistan for political reasons and had been working in a private hospital for a long time.

On the same day, at around 13.00, in Ziravik village of Tilizer district of Shengal, a vehicle belonging to the Institution of Martyrs' Families was attacked by an UCAV and Sadun Mirza Ali, father of 3 children, was martyred.