Turkish soldiers kill 17 civilians on Rojava border in two days

Turkish soldiers killed two more people yesterday, bringing the total number of civilians killed by the Turkish troops on Rojava border in the last 2 days to 17.

1 child, 5 women and 2 men who wanted to cross over to Bakurê Kurdistan from the border region between Tirbesipiyê and Qamishlo towns were raked through by Turkish soldiers. As a result of the fire, 4 women in the group were wounded while the 2 men lost their lives.

People closeby transferred the wounded to the Selam Hospital in Qamishlo.

The names and current situations of the people wounded by the Turkish soldiers’ fire are:

- Buşra Mihemed Hisên (22) From Til Hemîs town’s Um Qedîr village, 35 km to the south of Qamishlo. Wounded on left foot.

- Zehra Ekrem El-Fîl (23) From Qamishlo. One bullet in left arm, two bullets in foot.

- Sumeya Mihemed El-Lîlo (28) From Qamishlo. Four bullets in foot, one bullet in left arm.

- Hiyam Elî El-Selmo (18) From Um Qedîr village. Two bullets in torso. Bullet in chest removed by operation.

The people who lost their lives couldn’t be identified yet.

Sumeya Mihemed El-Lîlo described the events as: “We wanted to cross the border at around 18:00 yesterday evening. The Turkish soldiers rained bullets on us. Citizens close to the border brought us to the hospital.”

The wounded are still in treatment and are not in danger.

Turkish soldiers committed a massacre in Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê on the Bakurê Kurdistan border the night before. In the massacre, 6 civilians lost their lives in Serêkaniyê and 9 others lost their lives in Girê Spî.